automatic sanitary napkin making machine nylon making machine:Setting up nylon production plant


automatic sanitary napkin making machine nylon making machine:Setting up nylon production plant

  Business Overview

  Starting a nylon production business is one of the most lucrative businesses that any entrepreneur in Nigeria can go into and make lots of profit within a short period of time, due to the high demand for nylon and nylon materials by individuals and businesses that have the need to package items for domestic and industrial purposes.

  The nylon business is easy to start-up and as a result, more innovative entrepreneurs have been going into the business.

  Market prospects

  The demand for nylon is not only very extensive but is something that is used daily, globally. Nylons are used for various purposes ranging from domestic purposes such as; bagging, wrapping and covering, shopping edible and non-edible products to business and industrial purposes.

  Thick nylon forms are used in packaging biscuits, large nylons are mostly used by laundry operators and boutique owners to package clothes for clients.

  Raw materials

  The raw materials required for the production of nylon bags are basically

  • Low density polyethylene (LDPE) chips

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) chips

  • Colour dye (dying pigments)

  These are readily available in Nigeria, and can be easily sourced from the Eleme Petrochemical Refinery in Rivers State

  Equipment needed

  Purchasing high-quality machinery is a way to ensure efficient operations and machine-life longevity.

  The core machines for Nylon production in Nigeria are:

  ·Blowing machine, extruder, printer, cutting machine, mixer, and recycling machine

  Production process

  Depending on the type of bag to be produced, raw materials (LDPE or HPDE + other solvents) are blended together and fed into the hopper after preheating the extruder to correct temperatures. The thin flat plain film coming out from the machine is either treated to make it retain information when printed on (in pure water film production), or passes through rollers, which roll it into rolls of various weights (in polythene and other types of bags).

  The plain thin film is cut into correct length, sealed and punched to provide the handle using cutting and punching machines respectively. The bags are packed into bundles and stored in the store ready for sale.

  Distribution/marketing options

  The envisaged plant can set up its own sales/marketing team to engage in a sustained one-on-one sales drive. Advertising options could be based on usage of flyers and referrals,

  Manpower requirement

  A total of 10-15 staff is required in the short-term operations of the plant. They include skilled worker – 2, semi-skilled workers – 6, salesman – 1, driver-cum-salesman – 1, and security operative – 1

  Estimated Start-Up Cost (Small Scale):  N15.500million – N25.500 million

  Potential Profit:  N29million – N36million per annum

  Estimated Start-Up Cost (medium – large scale): N70million – N220million

  Potential Profit:                          N78million – N216million per annum

  This profile, or any similar one, can be developed into a bankable proposal for any interested investor. For further clarification, do contact our offices in the address stated below.

automatic sanitary napkin making machine nylon making machine:Setting up nylon production plant